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Our Restaurant

Our family-owned restaurant is in the heart of Brighton just West of 12 Corners. We serve home-cooked meals that are inspired by our loved-ones and our expanding group of friends. From Perníl to New England Clam Chowder, we serve what we love to eat.

The menu (click here for a PDF of the latest menu) includes Puerto Rican standards and Carmen's unique creations that our vegan and vegetarian friends can share. With new recipes for soups and other specials being developed as Carmen has the opportunity, you are bound to find something delicious to savor.

Earmark your calendar with our Wednesday Specials and Daily Desserts as shown below.


In addition to sharing our food for in-store dining or take-out, we also offer catering. Choose from our menu (click here for a PDF of the latest catering menu) and give us a call at least one week ahead to coordinate details including pick-up, delivery (based on day and time), etc.

Let our food contribute memorable flavors and freshness to your event. And as always "¡Buen Provecho!"

Wednesday Specials:


First Wednesday of the Month: Fried Green Plantain Cups with Chimichurri-Steak

Second Wednesday Special: Piñón (Ripe Plaintain Casserole)

Third Wednesday Special: Meat Stuffed Potatoes (Papas Rellenas)

Fourth Wednesday Special: Lentil-Sweet Potato Casserole

Fifth Wednesday Special: Chef's Choice (example shown - Alcapurrias)

Daily Desserts:


Tuesday: Tembleque (or something else)

Wednesday: Tembleque (Coconut Pudding)

Thursday: Budín (Bread Pudding)

Friday: Cheese Flan

Saturday: Tres Leches Cake


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